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The Gospel Changes Everything

November 5, 2017 Speaker: Lee Davis Series: Acts

Scripture: Acts 4:1–4:37

The Gospel Changes Everything

Acts 4

The message of the Gospel, that salvation can be found in Christ and no other, is offensive to fallen humans. It is good news, however, for Jesus alone can remedy our self-righteousness and grant us eternal life.

1. The Gospel changes
A. What we fear (vs. 1-31).
B. What we treasure (vs. 32-37).

Application for Our Church:
1. We must pray fully, continuously walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, ready to speak the Gospel to those we encounter.
2. We must not lose heart, but pray when trials. Our Father is at work even in the face of tragedy or injustice.
3. We must practice generosity, leveraging our resources to bless others.

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